Friday, February 18, 2011

Sneak peeks

Here's what"s going on in the old quilt studio:

Quiltville mystery Roll Roll Cotton Boll is back from the longarm quilter and as usual, Sherry Meyer did a bang-up job. This incorporates a pattern I hadn't used before and it's lovely. Now to apply 420 inches of bias binding (really!) and get this on the bed. Here's the front: And here's the back, showing the quilting a little better:
Isn't that pattern darling?
Work is progressing on The Quilt That Grew. I have made the triangle side panels and was assembling the piano key outer border this morning when I simply had to lay the pieces out on the floor to get a peek. It's coming out even better than I hoped:
The only hard thing about this (and it isn't really hard) is that I'll have to tweak the pieced border a little to remove 1/2" from the total length to fit on the inner segment, meaning I'll have to increase several seams a teeny bit. I also had to make the white border just inside the pieced one a tad wider than the others to make everything come out but it won't jump out at you - I think! It has to be that way, so no use brooding on it. This would have been easier if I could have figured out how to do medallion quilts on EQ. I have to work on that.


suemac said...

I am anxious to try one of Bonnie Hunter's patterns. I love Quiltsville. I have signed up for the strip swap also.

Cheri said...

That quilting is delightful and the pink back is perfect. Just lovely all way round!

Tanya said...

Oh, do tell your longarmer that she did a beautiful job. How I wish I could do quilting like that. Even on a domestic machine with a small surface I doubt I'd be able to figure out which way to go...