Sunday, October 17, 2010

Wrangling the remote controls

Home theater set-ups come with a lot of stuff. You have your front speakers, you have your back speakers, your center channel, your sub-woofer, your home theater amplifier, DVD/Blu-ray player - and of course you have a television and a cable box. How you accomodate all those speakers is a post for another day, but the subject at hand is all those remote controls. Every piece of electronics in the cabinet has one. And they take up room. If they're not handy, it becomes a nuisance to get them out and play a movie. If they're too handy, they tend to take up all the space on the end tables.

What to do? I made a remote control caddy. And I had the perfect place for it.

My husband is a pipe smoker and he's had an ashtray stand for thirty years or more. It was a Christmas present from me several houses ago because there wasn't a good place for his ashtray (pipe smokers tend to have large ashtrays to hold the pipes). It's still is use even though the finish is getting a little beat up. While contemplating one day what to do with the remotes after we got the small end tables, the space between the three turned legs on the ashtray stand caught my eye. A little sketching and voila! The perfect remote caddy. I made it today:
Here's a close-up:
It can not only hold all the remote controls but also the case for his reading glasses. I think it's kinda-sorta brilliant.


Deb Levy said...

Brilliant indeed!

joe tulips said...

Kinda-sorta ABSOLUTELY brilliant. I adore the log cabin blocks, I already know I will love this quilt. The leather recliner looks great!! I know what you mean about sofa's being so big. I like my smallish sized sectional. The drum tables are so pretty. Isn't it fun changing furniture?

Greenmare said...

VERY brilliant! you need to patent that design! Of course you will have to design an end table just like hubbys ash tray stand first...........