Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tiny little Bonnie blocks

I'm still making the 3" segments for the mini Bonnie Hunter "Addicted to Scraps" blocks. These are arranged like the pattern where the top left/bottom right are one color and the other two are another, with all the available combinations jumbled around, but there are many possibilities so I'm not joining the segments yet until I see the whole picture. The neutrals will be varied, too. There's cream, pink, blue, aqua, beige, yellow and rose.

I still haven't decided what the final quilt will look like, but aren't the little blocks cute? (They're next to a full size block for comparison.)


Elaine Adair said...

Looking good! Isn't it amazing how a simple pattern ends up looking so lovely!

Linda said...

I like your blocks. I might do this one too. It would make for a great scrap quilt and a good leader/ender project. I like all of your colors...hugs, Linda