Monday, May 3, 2010


Here's what I did with some of that fabric I found that I wondered what was on my mind when I bought it. It's sooooo not me. In a small zipper bag at the bottom of some stacks in my stash closet were a jelly roll and charm pack of Moda Charisma by Chez Moi, along with 1/2 yard of a matching red fabric. It was evidently bought several years ago. I puzzled over it for a day and couldn't remember what I wanted to make. Then, I checked EQ and found a layout based on a larger quilt from Lavender Lime's book "Sassy and Sophisticated".

What was I thinking? I almost never buy red, and shy away from brights like this. But, what a charming small quilt for Project Linus it made! Sophisticated? I'm not sure. But sassy? Definitely!


Linda said...

Very doesn't look that loud to me but I'm used to working with bright colors. Great quilt for Project Linus...Hugs, Linda

Deanna said...

I like bright, too. Why wonder if people will notice the quilt when they walk in the room?

free indeed said...

We seem to have the same tastes for colors...I'm not a red or brights person either. My stash is glaringly lacking in those colors. THe rouenary one you did was lovely though because the colors are muted and toned down....just the way I like them! My baby blankets in the beginning were so un baby like....I try to stay away from pastels because they just don't seem to be the baby way anymore, so my dusty colors were prominent. After awhile, I would shop for fabric for baby quilts one at atime to have those clearer colors.
Hope your eye is doing better on the new med?