Monday, April 19, 2010

Another reason not to live here

Well, in addition to topography that can best be described as "bowl-shaped", which traps any and all particulates in a cloud hovering over the city, this part of the southeast is blessed (cursed?) with a plethora of pines and oak trees which are busily churning out various pollen granules to bedevil those of us with less than perfectly behaved sinuses.

I give you this as an example: That mess is pollen from a southern red oak tree. Which I have. Right next to my house. There's clouds of the stuff all over the yard, my roof, clogging my gutters, covering my sidewalks.
You can see what a mess it makes of the mulch.
And it's been windy, so some of it has already blown away. It was worse yesterday.
I even have oak pollen tumbleweeds rolling around on the lawn. Oh, good grief.
I need a refill for my Astepro prescription.


catsinger said...

..I have the same annual mess from my oak least this year, the rain has made it less "friable" so if it ever stops raining here I can clean it up... I think I had some pictures of my "oak blossom mess" in the "Spring has sprung,#7" post...
so I FEEL your pain...

julieQ said...

Yes, yes...we have been scooping and sweeping and ...sneezing! Lots of wigglies off the trees!