Friday, March 19, 2010

Tramp tramp tramp

I'm back on my treadmill in a serious way again. Since it and I have a love-hate relationship, I neglect it for long periods of time, and then start back with a vengeance, only to burn out and quit again.

This time I have walked at least 30 minutes every morning for five weeks. This morning I did 2.2 miles. Believe me, that's exemplary behaviour on my part. I really, really, really hate walking on the treadmill.

For one thing, it's BORING. Nothing to do but stare at the distance readout slowly creeping upward. I have a radio, but even NPR can't rescue me. I try to concentrate on the news, but I find my mind is wandering. And I'm constrained to either walk between 9 and 10 in the morning (NPR Morning Edition) or 3 and 4 in the afternoon (Talk of the Nation). I can't walk and listen to music because if the tempo doesn't match my walking speed it drives me nuts. And I have to work in my walk between meals, housework, errands and such, so those two times are the only schedule I can meet that have talking on the radio to listen to.

Maybe I should pull a cable connection into the spare room so I can watch TV while I walk. Although that might not work because walking on that moving belt gives me a little touch of vertigo and staring at the screen might make it worse. Even looking too hard at the pattern on the wallpaper can make me queasy. I have found that I can't walk without having at least one hand resting lightly on the side rail, or I get dizzy. How do people run on treadmills? I'd fall on my head, guaranteed.


Greenmare said...

i am the same way! it's boring boring boring! I listen to books on tape, or rather, I have tried doing that, but I have fallen off the excercise path lately. sigh! my hate relationship with the treadmill stems as much from the boredom as from tearing my rotator cuff when we moved it into the house!

Mama Koch said...

The TV and DVR always comes to my rescue. There HAS to be something recorded that can kill the time spent.
I cannot run on mine either. Coordination is not my friend.

Lindah said...

I hate a treadmill, too, for the same reasons. Ditto my stationary bike. Last year, I measured off a path in back from one side fence to the other side fence and back around the shed to the beginning. I calculated how many rounds would equal 1/8 mile and then count up my rounds as I walk. Half of it is under various eaves and patio cover, so I can walk on most days year round. --"can" walk is the operative word. :-) I don't mind walking the rounds. It is far more interesting than a treadmill... birds, ducks, turkeys, deer, hawks overhead, flowers, trees, garden, fresh air, love the goldfinch songs. The only disadvantage is that I cannot adjust the incline. But sometimes I do some step work on the patio curb. It is working out fine for me, and I don't have to worry about walking alone, either. If I conk out in the backyard, hub will find me eventually. :-)

Tanya said...

My brother has a treadmill that serves as a laundry holder. That's all that ever gets on there. My husband is going to the gym and using the treadmill the few times he goes he likes it. His treadmill tells him what he can eat (to replace the calories he burned up). What! All that work for a Cafe au lait?