Saturday, March 27, 2010

Quilter math: 1 + 1 + 2 = 2

One Moda Layer Cake plus one yard matching fabric plus two pieces from my stash equals two lovely donation quilts!

I picked up a Layer Cake and matching yardage of April Cornell's beautiful collection "Nature's Notebook", and found two yellow fabrics from my stash that coordinated well. Then I found this great free pattern on the Moda site. First I made the original size with 10" blocks:
And then I resized the block to 6" and made this from the scraps:

They're not sewn together yet but you get the idea where I'm going. The brick border on this one was cut from the scraps left after cutting the pieces from the first scraps. There wasn't enough left of that layer cake to cover a cake plate! You can see on the second picture where I was fiddling with the border design before I decided to add the second yellow border and the floral outer one. Both will have yellow bindings.

I'll post better pictures after I finish walking on the treadmill, which is where I'm bound right now.

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