Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Carolina Christmas mystery at Quiltville

Well, since all is revealed at Quiltville, I guess I can blog about the new mystery quilt, Carolina Christmas. Since I had just made two Christmas quilts, I chose colors that were more evocative of autumn in Tennessee. There was the star block: And the Fox and Geese block:
Which went together to make this:
My arrangement is different than the one on Quiltville. She made blocks out of four stars or of four Fox and Geese and then alternated these larger blocks in a checkerboard pattern. On mine, the orange was so strong I needed to arrange the star blocks in a pattern that would carry the orange across the face of the quilt, so I did two concentric boxes with lines radiating out to the corners. I like it. A Quiltville chat commenter said it looked like Santa Fe Christmas, but I still think I'll call it "Autumn in Tennessee". It reminds me of the yellow and rusty leaves in the Smoky Mountains in the fall.
I'm making some progress this morning while doing laundry; I've got five rows sewn together (but not joined).


*karendianne. said...

I see! I do. I'm a Southern Girl (Florida) and I see Tennessee in this quilt FOR SURE. What fun this layout is and how clever you are for working it this way. I hope you're pleased... I sure am! (I really don't see Sante Fe in this, friend. I don't. I'd need some stronger browns for that my friend... just me.)

Anne Ida said...

Hi! Lurker coming out of the closet ;o) I have been following your Carolina Christmas sewing, and I just have to say this is a wonderful layout! Perfect for your colours! I need to do some playing with my blocks before deciding if I'm going to go with Bonnie's layout or work one out on my own.
Happy quilting!

Reenie said...

That is turning out wonderfully!! I sat this one out as I had too many other things going on. I just finished quilting Christmas Lights and have a few other irons in the fire. Seeing yours makes me wonder if I should move this to the top of my list!

Beth @ The Quilt Ladies said...

WOW, very nice work. I just found your blog, thank you ! Have a wonderful holiday