Sunday, October 25, 2009


Here is what my mowing guy built in the back yard yesterday. He put in the landscape timbers around my birdbath flower bed earlier (you can't see them because they're covered by the last of the angelonia) and I laid out an addition on either side to hold tomato and pepper plants, herbs and flowers. The new beds are each seven feet long but only three feed wide, so I can reach the back to weed. It will be an improvement at watering time because the large pots I used to grow tomatoes before, while effective, dried out too fast.

One of my backyard neighbors had the mowing guy build garden beds in his back yard yesterday, too. It must be the nip in the air; everyone is already looking forward to next spring. I thought he had placed one in a rather funny location; it was too near the side fence and shaded by the small trees on the other side in his neighbor's yard. Well, this morning I heard chain saws and looked out to find two guys with a saw and a ladder reaching across the fence and chopping the trees down to a four foot tall bare trunk. I'm a little confused. His neighbor had been clearing out the scrubby trees in her back yard because their proximity to the house worried her. She also had taken out an old shed building which was next to these threes that were topped. I don't know if she struck a deal with the guy across the fence to help cut them down, or what. I hope she's not going to have a really big surprise when she gets home from church.

And, since I was joined by the dogs next door while I was outside, consummate escape artists that they are, here are some pictures of them too: This is Fritz, erstwhile alpha dog of the little pack. He's far too nervous to make a good leader, but hey, someone had to do it. He's only about 10 pounds and not exceedingly smart. He looks a little mean but he's not. I think he would have loved to be an ankle biter but he was too scared. We're great buddies now. Funny how dog biscuits can do that...
And this is Sparkle. She's a tiny thing, barely five pounds. Fritz is small but he towers over her. He also tries to boss her around but she does what she wants. She's the leading escape artist of the pair, finding places they can get under the fence. Sparkle is needy. That's actually an understatement. If you're outside with her and not paying attention to her, she barks at you as if to say "Look at me!" She's a complete mess but you can't help but love her.
Their owner tries to keep them home but they are so small they can slip out nearly anywhere. They come scampering over whenever they hear us outside, to get a cookie and a little pat. I think they are lonely since my neighbor died last year. They were his dogs exclusively and they took it very hard. So, I'm trying to give them a little affection. I can't resist a hard luck story.


momtofatdogs said...

I think you're giving Fritz too many dog treats, he's looking a little porky!

Just joking!

Love the planters. We have one more to make in our yard. For Hydrangeas. it will be around the deck. We'll probably wait until closer to sping though...

Sam in Middle TN

Reenie said...

Love the planting areas! I am an avid gardener. My goal is to feed my family totally self sufficiently. I live somewhat in the burbs, so that isn't totallly feasible, but someday! I have a great herb garden, blueberries, blackberries, cherry trees and put in two huge vegie gardens every year. I also have tons of flower gardens. Maybe in the spring we can share plants and goodies! I have some great tomato and pepper seeds I will share with you!

Kathryn said...

I find it so sad that these two little guys don't seem to ever get any proper exercise or stimulation (apart from with you). One of the magical things about dogs is that an ounce of attention is rewarded by a sack of response - even a walk once or twice a week and a few minutes each day spent playing would make such a massive difference to their quality of life and also add so much to that of their reluctant owner. It must be so hard for you to see this.