Monday, August 3, 2009

Maybe a new project - like I needed another one.

Did anyone notice the quilt in the November 2008 issue of Quilters Newsletter Magazine called "Dutch Circus"? It's a rendering of an antique Pennsylvania Dutch quilt and it has acid green, purple, red and yellow patchwork and applique blocks.

Here's a picture (I had to photograph the page 'cause the scanner isn't working right now).
OK, don't faint.

It sounds horrendous but, see, it's really bright (well, duh!) and pretty. I thought it might be a good project to practice my fusible/machine applique skills, because the shapes are rather large and not too complicated. The pieced crossroad blocks are nice too. And it's only 63" x 80" so it won't be a stretch to complete.

And, I admit it - I love the green and purple. Where the heck did that come from?

I'm Miss "Subdued colors - love Civil War repro - used to be a Thimbleberries addict". I guess I made one too many dark quilts. Anyway, let in the light, 'cause after I take the recycle stuff to the drop-off center I'm hitting the LQS for bright green fabric.

Stand back everyone, she's goin' wild!

Addendum: This pattern is from 2008 (typo in first line has been corrected). Nov 2008 issue had the first part. When I decided I wanted to do it, I searched my stack of quilting magazines for Dec/Jan 2009 for the second part and couldn't find it. I probably threw it out! So, I had to go to the QNM website and order a copy to get the applique patterns in part 2. Now I have to make it - I have too much money invested!


momtofatdogs said...

It's bright, all do it & I'll see how it looks. I reserve all me brights for give aways!!!


julieQ said...

I don't have my copy yet, but I will look for it! I love the lime green color.

Linda said...

I love this. I like all the colors. I used to be very traditional until I started working in a very "bright" quilt shop. It took me a while but I came around to the brights and haven't stopped using them since. I say, go for it. Have fun with this. It looks like a great pattern to test out your skills on....hugs, Linda

Greenmare said...

it's beautiful!!!! subdued is nice, but this one makes you sit up and take notice! I love it!!!!