Thursday, August 6, 2009

Completed piecing "In Lucinda's Garden"

Remember this? I just this minute finished piecing my version, and dashed into the bedroom to hang it on the rod and photograph the results.

And here it is. There are several differences between the magazine design and my quilt. I used all stash, except for the printed panels, so the colors, while similar, are softer. Mine is also more scrappy. My flying geese borders go counterclockwise instead of clockwise (that just happened!). But, the biggest difference is that I arranged the blocks to all face one way. The magazine design had them rotating 90 degrees around the center so a block faced each edge. I didn't care for that and wanted the quilt to be directional, since it will hang on the wall.

I'm pretty tickled about it. I have been wanting a large piece to hang in the back hallway, and this will be it. The colors are prefect. I will drop it off at the longarmer's next week.

Now, which will be next? I could do the lime and purple quilt, or the radio quilt, or the blue and green quilt, or the toile quilt. . .I have a problem here.


Paula, the quilter said...

That looks good. What is the overall size?

Tanya said...

Beautiful quilt! I wish I could get the picture to enlarge so that I could see each block in more detail! You did a great job! All those flying geese!