Saturday, August 1, 2009

Christmas Lights mystery quilt, part 2

Well, I finally got the next issue of Quiltmaker and to tell you the truth I'm completely flummoxed. I include a photo of the blocks assembled in part 2, courtesy of Quiltmaker's website. These blocks are made of the subunits completed a couple of months ago. I have the star blocks finished but have just started on the other.

How do these blocks relate to each other? I can't see it. I know the blocks are to be set on point and there are 20 of the top block and 12 of the bottom one, so I created them in EQ and plugged them into an on point set with three borders like we were instructed to cut out.

Then I rotated, rearranged and fiddled with them for an hour. The results? A big "wha?". They don't seem to play together at all. Does anyone see anything I don't? I tried the red blocks pointing side to side and top to bottom, alternating side to side and top to bottom, clustered together at the corners with the stars in the center, everything I can think of. I'll be waiting expectantly for the next issue. Even though I have trouble appreciating the parts to this quilt, I guess I'll complete it.

Addendum: Here are my completed blocks. Maybe I'm dense, but I still don't see the blocks relating well.

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Suzan said...

You are a better woman than I! After my last attempt at a mystery scrap quilt from Bonnie, I threw in the towel. I love her work and her designs. I just don't do little piecing. Gimme fat old strips and chunky triangles and squares. I am sure I will never create anything truly beautiful but I am ok with that. Gosh, sometimes getting older has a good moments!