Friday, May 29, 2009

Yellow Japanese Iris

These are the yellow irises that my sister-in-law gave me in March. The gentleman that lives across the street from my mother was digging and thinning an iris patch and knew that my sister-in-law loved gardening, so he gave her a heaping paper grocery bag of plants. She couldn't use all of them so she gave me five. I had just straightened out my side yard flower bed, so I planted them between the roses where they would get sun.

When she said yellow irises, I was thinking about the pale yellow bearded irises I had seen. I didn't know they were these vibrantly colored Japanese iris. The shade of yellow is quite spectactular, a bright lemon color. Here's a close up of a bloom showing the color to best advantage. I hope these multiply and spread, because they are quite showy.And here's a couple of pictures of the strange mushrooms which have sprouted near my oak tree during this wet weather. This one looks like something from an old B science fiction movie. And this one is the most beautiful orange color. Notice the nibble marks on the edge. I'm sure it would be poisonous to people, and now I'm worrying about the squirrels and chipmunks. No bodies have shown up yet, so hopefully they weren't harmed.


Greenmare said...

those are BEAUTIFUL Iris!!!!

Chris Daly said...

I used to have those iris' at my last house. They are so lovely. Watch out for that mushroom. It looks like one of those "Pods" I'd hate to find out you had become one of the pod people.

Tanya said...

I've got a few of those irises in my garden and I DON'T KNOW HOW THEY GOT THERE! Tetsu and I were saying that they sure weren't there last year. But they are nice aren't they? They are all over the forest near us but I never thought of planting any.

momtofatdogs said...

We have the same thing happening over on my end of TN (no surprise right?) One looked really pretty until it hailed & then the mushroom sort of deflated....and looked like afterbirth. Stunk too.....No more have shown up. Not like that nasty one. Grew up under where the bird feeders are, under an oak..