Sunday, May 31, 2009

I'm not good at waiting

Remember this quilt? It's still only blocks stuck to my design wall. Why, you ask? I wanted to see what SuzGuz Designs' full quilt layout looked like before I committed to using my own heart and swag border (already designed and ready to go). The company said they were going to sell a center medallion pattern, which would make the quilt both bigger and more interesting than just an appliqued border, so I decided to wait.

And wait. And wait.

The last BOM block was released in December 2008. It's been five months and the completion pattern isn't published yet. This is a little irritating.

The company has released several new patterns since the first of the year and had quilt designs published in major magazines, so they're definitely out there working. So, why not throw a bone to those people who followed your BOM? It's not like they were going to give it out free, they were going to sell it. As in "revenue production" for the business. There's probably more people than only me waiting to see how they finished the quilt.

It's kind of a good-will killer. And it's a shame, because after I found the website, I, wonder of wonders, bought a pattern to make one of her quilt designs (binding currently being applied - photos to follow). Long time readers should know that I don't buy patterns. So, they actually made money from me, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. In truth, I bought it, even though I could have figured it out myself, as a gesture of support for small quilt-related businesses.

Yoo hoo, SuzGuz Designs, where are you?

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julieQ said...

I know, I have been waiting too. Not that all my blocks are done, but waiting anyway. Yours are so very pretty.