Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Can't sleep

I woke up when my husband came to bed at 3 a.m. He did his eye medications and had quality time with our cat (who only wants him to pet her there on the bed before they go to sleep) and the activity was enough to wake me completely. I gave up and got out of bed at 4.

Time to check in with my favorite blogs. Play a little Scrabble. Read the news. See if any more BOM instructions are published. I'm following six - I didn't say I was MAKING six. I meant to start them but then the double wedding ring got in the way. So, I'm saving all the blocks and will someday be able to devote time to them, especially Esther Aliu's Red Delicious BOM . It will be absolutely gorgeous, but I have to go on a red fabric buying spree - red is not a color well represented in my stash. It might have to be a fused applique, even though I'm not usually a "fuser", but looking at all those pieces, I'm also not that kind of crazy.

What other BOMs? Well, there is Come Over To My House, which will be done in batiks; A Tisket A Tasket, which is about the cutest basket design I've ever seen; A Touch of Amish, all in solids - also need to buy; Batik Baskets, which will probably use up the rest of my batiks (must add them to my list when I shop for reds and solids); and, Building Blocks, which would be great in hand-dyed fabric if I can find some.

In the meantime, being the glutton for punishment that I am, I plan to start my Glorified Nine Patch as soon as I hem the clothes I made. More curved seams - what am I thinking? I did find the perfect fabric for it - Twiggy by Sanae for Moda. I love sky blue, I love chocolate brown, I love mossy green, I love deep plum. It's like they designed it for me.

Oh good grief - now that it's almost 7 a.m., I'm getting sleepy!


Suzan said...

I know how you feel. It is amazing how much I can accomplish between 4&6am! (Not that I would recommend it to anyone...)

paula, the quilter said...

I follow several BOMs too. Including 2 that you mentioned, Building Blocks and A Tisket A Tasket. You can add Gail Pan's A Christmas Wish, Beth Ferrier's Now and Forever and The Quilt Show's Stars for a New Day. I actually plan to make the last one.