Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Quiltville mystery part 6

I got the rows sewn together but not joined before I crashed tonight and decided to take a break. Here's the soon to be finished product. Honestly, about halfway through I became a little uneasy about the color choices, and wondered if the blue and brown were too dark. I like it now but it's not something I would have planned to make. If I had known the design from the start, I would have used a peachy melon color in the brown triangles and a lighter aqua blue in the dark blue squares. That would lighten the palette and make the quilt more summery. I also kind of wish I had made partial nine patch blocks to substitute for the side and corner solid triangles. As it is, I'll put a small border on it and use the quilt in this guest room on the double bed. Not sure if I'm up to a pieced border, but my options are limited. I have only a little bit of the yellow left. I have plenty of some greens, lots of brown, but only a small amount of the shirtings. I hope Bonnie has a border idea that will work with my remaining fabric.

I also just wound my bobbin for the fifth time. Whatever else is in this quilt, there's a lot of thread!

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