Saturday, December 27, 2008

Select your fabrics carefully!

Here's something I bet you don't think of when picking your quilt fabrics. I'm in the process of binding this gift quilt. Staring at the small bias check of the binding next to the striae fabric of the backing is about to drive me stone blind. After a while the little checks start to move in my vision and I have to step away for a while. It's hard to see the edge where the needle goes into the backing fabric due to all those little lines. I will be very glad when this one is done!


Tanya said...

I can see how one might get a little sea sick working with those two fabrics too long. I once had a liney psychodelic (can't spell that) that practically gave me headaches when I looked at it. And the eye was pulled to it too! I don't know how I used it all up!

Della said...

Love the name of your blog.

Elaine Adair said...

Funny you should mention it ... I just bound a Linus Quilt with a check, but kept it straight (OK I was lazy) and it didn't look as good as yours! I felt I definitely should have cut it on the bias to make those checks look spiffy! YOURS looks really nice even if it gave you visual difficulty! 8-))

Linda_J said...

I love putting checked fabric on point like that for binding but I can see where the combination of the two would not be such a good thing. Here I thought black binding might be the worst but I believe you trumped that.

LOL, said the girl that has help with most of the binding anyway.
I'll have to keep that in mind when I select backing fabric.

Mystery quilt huh? I love the fabric selection. I could probably come up with the fabrics from my stash. One look at the 1 1/2 inch strips she spoke of kind of scares me off. I think a couple of the previous ones had those itty bitty pieces as well and I pass on anything smaller than a 2 inch strip if I can help it, LOL.

Think I'll wait to see what it is first and decide then if I want to admire everyone else's version of make less, bigger blocks. Have fun!