Friday, December 26, 2008

Lead us not into temptation (Quiltville) - oops, too late!

I have waaaaaay too many projects to complete. That's common knowledge. I also have way too many designs in my head to make this year. And too many Linus projects to quilt. And binding to do. So what am I going to do about it?

Start a Quiltville mystery quilt, that's what.

Check out her blog for the new mystery starting New Year's Eve. It's called Double Delight, and well, it's hard to pass up something called that. It's also hard to pass up the lovely pile of colors she has selected. Pinks, indigos, shirtings, chocolate brown and a hint of cheddar? Yum.

I'm using her selection of pink, blue, chocolate, shirtings and a little gold. Bonnie's not scrapping up the browns, but I don't have a lot of any one piece so I'm going scrappy on it too. That's my fabric selection above. As soon as I read the email notice, I tore into the fabric closet and starting selecting colors. I love scrap quilts, the scrappier the better. It may not look as organized and "planned" as her quilt, but I promised that it would all come from the stash. I may also make it bigger than hers, so I can use it on our queen size bed. Of course, I haven't seen the design yet, so that may be hard. Oh, this jumping into a project without even knowing what the design is -- it's heady, folks. I've never done a mystery quilt before. (Remember - solitary quilter. No guilds. Not even blogs until last year.)

I'm pumped!

So the plan is, before New Year's Eve, I applique the last of the Hearts A-Flutter blocks and piece the last of the Debbie Mumm Christmas Sampler blocks. If I get really ambitious, I'll assemble that sampler quilt too, and design the swag border for the Hearts BOM. The BlockCentral black and white blocks are ready to assemble too, but the blue and rust version needs four more blocks to make it queen size, which I have to design in the same vein as the others.

It's the same this time every year. I'm starved for sewing due to abstinence between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and raring to go.


Suzan Oxenreider said...

I also signed up today...What am I thinking? :) I really have been wanting to do one of her mystery quilts so I decided to take the plunge this time. I have a huge selection of floral pastels - wonder how it would look with that?

momtofatdogs said...

I'm thinking about it.......hard. I'm coming up short on pinks...I'll have to dig......I really DO NOT need another project......

Sam in Middle TN