Thursday, October 30, 2008

Books and book storage

Paula has been rearranging and modifying her bookshelves, and it got me thinking about book storage. Once I had a wall of bookshelves in my den when I lived in Knoxville, Tn. My father-in-law built them for us after we moved, and it seemed like we could never fill that many shelves. Of course, we did. When we moved, there was nowhere for the books to go, so they spent two years in boxes in the basement of our new house.

Before we moved again, we thinned out the boxes and sold a huge number of unwanted books at the local used book store. After the next move (into an apartment while we hunted for a house), most of the remaining books were stored in my mother's garage, where they sat for seventeen years. Needless to say, I no longer remembered what books we had, or even missed them much. When I was home last June, we sorted through them and gave most to the library. The only books left in storage there are two boxes of those belonging to my husband, which I couldn't get rid of without consulting him.

While all those books were in storage, we were of course collecting more. I don't have a one single place to store books now; they're all over the house. Luckily, this house had a bookcase built in by the chimney in the den, as well as the bookcase that matches my desk. We have two barrister bookcases that my father-in-law built for us, and an old stacking bookcase we bought from Yield House thirty years ago. When I redid the kitchen I made sure there was a glass-doored cabinet for cookbooks (at least the ones I use regularly).

So books are everywhere.
In the den:
In the guest room:
In the kitchen: And dining room: In the spare bedroom (aka computer room):And usually on a lot of side tables and nightstands. Having something to read is a constant in my life, and I try now to keep the book I have finished purged and donated to the library, unless they are special. They could very easily take over the entire house.


Suzan said...

I have books that I never unpacked after my move back to the East Coast from Seattle. I guess I really don't need them but will need to review before I make any rash decisions. I have pretty much stopped buying books. I go to the library every week because it is so convenient and as long as I get them back on time, no extra charges!

paula, the quilter said...

Now isn't that the truth! I have been re-reading the Sue Grafton series and as I finish I take it to the used book store. They can resell the book and I get some credit on my account. Win-win. I love going to the library, too.

Linda said...

I am also a bookaholic...I love books. I'm out of storage space now and cannot buy anymore until I purge. I do so enjoy looking at quilt books, magazines, knitting and crochet or good mysteries. I like Sue Grafton too. I exchange books with friends alot too. I just got a chain letter I guess you would call it. It was from a friend of mine. You send one paper back book to the name on the list and send out 6 letters to your friends with your name and address. You are supposed to get 36 books. I don't know if I really want to do this...hmm, we'll see. What do you think? Hugs, Linda