Saturday, September 6, 2008

OK, not really a hysterical woman, just a little tired

OK, well, the last few blogs seem a little petty in second reading, but as I replied to Paula, you just want to tell them "Recognize me? I'm the one with the checkbook." I don't know why it's so hard to get anything done right the first time any more.

Like the four wheel alignment that was done on my Subaru recently. I'm sure they did a fine job on the alignment, and it drives great, but the steering wheel is is not straight when the wheels are pointing directly forward. Not a lot, just a smidge, enough to bug the daylights out of you. And to fix it, I will have to drive back to the alignment shop and wait while they get to me (they don't take appointments) and redo the alignment so that the steering wheel is straight (which, by the way is a criterion on alignments. I'm not being stupid here.) Will I do it? Probably not for a couple of degrees off. But they should attend to the details.


Pieceful Afternoon said...

I'm with you - we have carpet installed in over half our house - at a hefty price - had to make the installers come back because they broke a closet shelf support in the linen closet, put the metal stripping back on the edges instead of new - and had left nails sticking up and poking our feet when we walke on it.

After they got here I went along behind them and they had to do everything THREE TIMES that day before they got it right. They asked where my husband was - he had been there the day of the installation - they said he was such a nice guy - and I said - well today you get me - the one with the checkbook, so let's do that over again.

They didn't like it - but I paid for good carpet and unbroken things - and by gum I was going to get it.

I love the carpet now - but hated the hassle - where is pride in your work?

Tanya said...

It sounds all very frustrating. And when one thing breaks down it seems like everything else decides to keep it company. Deep breathing exercises anyone?