Thursday, July 17, 2008

The dragonfly is flitting along

A few interruptions the last several days - my neighbor passed away, so I had food to prepare and deliver, and memorials to attend, and the rest of life just got in the way - but I am back on the dragonfly. I have twelve patches completed (one of them is 2" x 11", roughly, so that's a lot of blind stitching) and seven more ready to applique. I will post a photo when I get enough done that it doesn't just look like a random green blob.

BUT - I got really curious as to how many patches there were, so I nabbed a piece of white tissue paper from my gift wrapping drawer and used it as an overlay to mark off patches as I counted them on the picture. Prepare yourself - there are 160 patches on this thing!!!!!! OK, I'm humbled, and really really scared. Twelve patches -- pfffft! It's gonna be a long summer, readers.

Oh, also - the longarmer called and said my butterfly quilt is done. I'll have pictures tomorrow.

Now to something not scary - do you have a gift wrap drawer? It is possibly the coolest organizing idea I ever had. I took one drawer in the tall chest in the guest room, added dividers to segregate rolls of wrap, tissue paper, ribbon, folded wrap, enclosure cards, bow maker, and voila! Ever so often if I see a really great roll of gift wrap or wonderful ribbon, I add to my stash. I have all occasions covered, so if there is a last minute gift, no worries about wrapping - it's all there. And - my opinion - I don't usually like gift bags; you should have to rip into the paper!

Now I am going to collect a greeting card stash - I hate having to run out to the store for a card at the last minute. Several months ago I ordered a box of embossed pineapple design small foldover notes, about 2 1/2" x 3 1/2", that make wonderful gift enclosure or flower enclosure card. I was hunting for dragonflies but couldn't find them. The pineapple as a symbol of hospitality was even better, or at least more comprehensible to most people (I guess not many have a thing for dragonflies like I do). For kids' gifts, I bought a set of bright lime green small note cards with envelopes.

As you can see, I love love love the Crane's stationery website!


Suzan said...

I have a long, flat Rubbermaid container that I use for my wrapping paper. Everything is tossed in there with no level of organization except for the fact that I have it all in one place. I would love to see a photo of your drawer. Sounds like a great idea!!

paula, the quilter said...

Like Suzan, I have a long, flat container. There are two sliding bins inside for the ribbons. It is all in one place.