Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Giving in to my Spode obsession

I knew when I pulled the Barron's catalog out of the mailbox that I was in trouble. Instead of dropping it immediately into the recycle basket like a sane woman, I flipped through the pages and was stopped dead by a picture of the Spode English Countryside plates that I had been mooning over for a year. Before I could talk myself into buying them from Amazon, they had gone out of stock and weren't available any more. I had done Yahoo searches for them to no avail; even Replacements.com let me down.

But what should I find on page 12 of the catalog but the coveted plates, on sale no less! I showed my husband and told him that was what I wanted for Christmas, only he had to go ahead and order them, in case they sold out, and hide the box until December. "Just order them now," he replied, reasonably. "If you want them, get them." (What a peach!)

And here they are: Did I say how wonderful my husband is? I am soooooo spoiled!


Anonymous said...

YAY for more china! So pretty!

Anonymous said...

Hello there,

I just stumbled across your website. Beautiful dishes you have. I have the same Spode Williamsburg Plates on the window sill of my kitchen! And yes, I can definitely understand the Spode obession! :)