Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Capri pants

When I started contemplating the dog days of summer in the waning weeks of May, I decided to take a sartorial leap and order some capri pants. By June 1 it was already in the high 80's here, with the renowned southeastern humidity starting to make an appearance. Something had to be done - and since I had given up wearing shorts when I left my 30's (I considered it a public service), there had to be a better option than khakis and sweating.

Now, I'm fully aware that there are few more unfortunate clothing choices for a Woman of a Certain Size than capris. No garment ever designed is better at making a person with an average inseam look like she has the leg length of E.T. And if you have fat calves -- hey, let's stop that hem right where it will draw attention to those chubbies. But, as I pulled on the first pair today and a breeze wafted by my ankles I was willing to overlook those facts.

I'm not going to wear them out in public, for heaven's sake. But I may use some fake-tanning cream. Man, those are some white shins!


Catherine Jones McClarin said...

I highly recommend Dove's Summer Glow & Energy Glow lotions. They have just a touch of tanner. If you use them every day, your legs just always have a little color. Be sure to scrub your heels, ankles and feet with a soapy washcloth in the bath. That will exfoliate the top layer of skin that often looks a bit ruddy the first time you use a self-tanner. Enjoy!

Marla said...

Ok, I'm waggling my finger here! You just go for it no matter what your size or the size of your calves! Truly noone cares! And if they do, WHY SHOULD YOU CARE??? You are goiong to look cute and comfy. UIt's not as if you are going to wear them a size too small and with a crop top! You will wear them tastefully. SOOOOO... You wear those puppies out of the house and say the heck with what anyone thinks. Not only that, I bet they look cute and you are being too critical of yourself.

Mad about Craft said...

I have started wearing capri pants or cropped trousers as we call them in the UK as I feel that I am too old for shorts (other than at scout camp and anything goes there!). I really like them now, I wasn't so sure at first.