Thursday, May 29, 2008

New sewing machine and new project

My new sewing machine arrived! It's unpacked and sitting on the work table in the computer bedroom. I took the time to ooh and aah over it, but haven't sewn anything yet. I'm going to be good and read the instructions first. Who am I kidding? I HAVE to read the instructions first. It's kind of complicated. I'm not exactly sure how you thread it. (Caution: learning curve straight ahead.)

And, the quilted cover fits. Thank goodness!

I also completed the prototype purse for the one I'm going to make for Mom's birthday. Dear Reader, it was not fun. It looks great, but the darned thing almost killed me. Lessons learned:
a. Use thinner fusible interfacing.
b. Make it larger so you're not wrestling with tight areas.
c. Cut the lining side panel a full 1/2" narrower than the outside side panel, or the lining bunches up.

Be that as it may, it did turn out sort of cute:
No, the pattern on the front above and below the zipper doesn't match. I didn't have the fabric to make it match. Don't worry, Mom's is solid tan linen; no matching required. Here's a close-up of the front. The zipper pocket will be handy for keys and cell phone.
The inside has three pockets. I didn't do an inside zipper pocket because frankly it was making me a little crazy. I'll bite the bullet and add one to Mom's purse. There's also a pocket in the bottom of the lining to insert a plastic base so it's more rigid. I sacrificed an old flexible cutting board.
I like the top zipper and the D-rings holding the shoulder strap better than the integral strap on the other purse. I'm sure I'll use this one; it's a very practical size and shape.

After Mom's gift is completed, I doubt I'll ever make another purse. I do, however, have the pre-quilted fabric to make a laptop case since my Toshiba didn't come with one. It will be much less complicated. It's a big rectangle with a zipper. No lining. No pockets. Web strap handles. (Sigh of relief.)

Have you ever noticed that when you make something like this purse, everyone oohs and aahs and says, "You ought to make these and sell them!" This is usually uttered by someone who doesn't sew.


Paula, the quilter said...

On a project like this, it is a very good thing to make a prototype. Good job!

jacquie said...

I think this justifies my fear of making purses! A new sewing machine is so exciting. Have fun getting to know each other!

The Calico Quilter said...

Jacquie, I made this one harder than it had to be. The original pattern didn't have the zipper top, or the front pocket. I think they added to the functionality of the purse but aren't required. And, making the strap as a continuation of the side panel would be easier too. I would have narrowed it at the center, though. All that being said, having a lot of dressmaking experience in addition to quilting definitely helps in the construction of something like this. If a person only sewed flat stuff, this project would be a little daunting.

Mad about Craft said...

When I recently had my new sewing machine I read the instructions as I went along, having said that it isn't a complicated machine!

I hope you enjoy it very much!!

Joan J said...

I remember being a bit intimidated by all the features when my Janome was new. Like you, I had to read the instructions cover-to-cover! Love the purse -- I bet you'll make more!