Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I made a purse!

It's my first purse, unless you count that horrid crocheted thing in college (hey, it was 1971!). The outside is pre-quilted with my favorite color, aqua blue, and the inside is batik. There are six inside pockets with elasticized tops and a toggle button closure. I decided to forego the outside pocket in order to not detract from the fabric print. Here's a detail of the fabric and the toggle closure:

And the inside, with pockets:

I can't say I enjoyed the daylights out of sewing this, but it was different. I'm making one for Mom in solid tan, with three inner pockets, a zippered outside pocket and top zipper closure. The shoulder strap will be thinner and attach to the body of the purse with D rings. I think I have it figured out how to sew the thing together at the top edge and turn it through an open seam in the lining.

I like the color and print of this purse, but am not sure how much I will carry it: it's kind of loud! And, to use this one, I would have to put away my favorite-of-all-time cream colored leather purse from Banana Republic,
which I carried all last summer and has become my go-to bag for summer weather. I got it out yesterday after Memorial Day (Hey, I'm a southern girl from the 50's: No white before Memorial Day or after Labor Day!).

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Suzan Oxenreider said...

Love the purse! I had to laugh when I read the comment about being a Southern girl from the
50s. I just cannot make myself wear white before Memorial Day and my mother would have a FIT if I tried after Labor Day!!