Thursday, May 15, 2008

Dragonflies R Us

When I wrote about the butterfly quilt in progress, I mentioned that I was more a dragonfly person than a butterfly person. Herein lies the proof:
My bathroom. Nice prints to be hanging in a steamy bathroom, you say. Well, they would be if they were the real prints. I looked all over for dragonfly prints but could only find really nice ones that were, gulp, $75 each unframed. Not me. So I grabbed some images from the internet and printed them on photo paper. Maybe not as sharp and crisp as real prints, but for a bathroom? Just fine.

I fell in love with this lamp on Ebay and had to have it. I graces my living room now and I think it's my absolute favorite lamp ever.
A. It's dragonflies.
B. It's stained glass.
C. It's enameled.
D. It's blue.
All bases covered.

Pillow from my living room. Starting to see a trend? I found this fabric when we redecorated and even though it was obscenely expensive even for decorating fabric, at $40 a yard, it didn't take much for 6 chair bottoms and two pillows. So I splurged. The dragonflies are embroidered in three colors. It is exquisite.

Ditto for the dining room chair.

No dragonflies in the bedroom or den yet, but I'm working on it!


Mad about Craft said...

I like dragonflys too! I managed to photograph one in my conservatory last summer which is on my blog.

Joan J said...

Love all the dragonflies. The arrangement in the bathroom is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Can I ask WHERE on-line you found the dragonfly pictures??? I love them!

The Calico Quilter said...

Anonymous, I don't even remember where I found the dragonfly pictures on the internet - I just looked for dragonfly art. Search "images" on Google and I bet you can find some pictures that work for you. It's a lot cheaper to buy glossy photo paper than prints!