Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Pinwheels, interrupted

Just when I think I have myself convinced that I don't need a separate sewing room and I'm getting along just fine sewing in the kitchen, something happens like today and I flip-flop faster than an Olympic gymnast.

I finished all my pinwheel blocks and was joining the rows. I was pinning row 5 of 7 when my husband came in and remarked that if we decided to make more than the planned salad for supper, maybe we should call and invite our friend T. to eat with us. Now, T. is a good friend whose family lives 120 miles away. He works in our town, so he rents an apartment where he lives during the work week, and commutes on the weekends. He also has been sick recently. We try to invite him often for a home cooked meal that he didn't have to fix. Considering how he's been feeling, I thought that asking him over for dinner was a good idea.

So, I folded and put away the quilt in progress, unplugged and removed the sewing machine from the table, put away my ironing board and iron, packed up my sewing tools, swept the threads off the floor and stowed my cutting board and rulers. Then I could set the table and start preparing dinner. My husband and I could not have prepared a meal or eaten in the kitchen with all my sewing stuff spread out everywhere.

Tomorrow, I will bring all the stuff back into the kitchen, set up the sewing machine and ironing board, unpack my tools, get the quilt blocks out of the bag and in order, and start anew where I left off.

How much time I could save if I had a dedicated sewing room where I could leave everything just the way I dropped it and shut the door!

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BusybeeDebQuilts said...

I agree ... having your own sewing room is a "must have" in my mind. Mine is the office and guest room, but at least it's no so public as a kitchen!

Kind of your to give your friend home cooked meals! I'm sure he appreciates it!