Sunday, March 2, 2008

What web surfing in the middle of the night gets you

Well, this is what happens when you can't sleep and start surfing quilting sites. I have wanted to do a Christmas wall hanging for some time but hadn't found one I liked. I was reading blogs and one person listed the Debbie Mumm 2008 BOM as one of her projects (OK, I admit I was trying to see if others were as overloaded as I have made myself).

I followed her link to the Debbie Mumm website and really liked the red and green wall hanging. So this project gets added to the list. The blocks are small and simple so it won't be any trouble to catch up to the March block when it's posted.

You know what this necessitated? I have three BOMs going now, so I made up a notebook with three sections and added page protectors to hold the instructions I print and save for each one as they become available. And, I'm cleaning out the bottom drawer on my office bookcase to use as a "holding pen" for WIPs. I think the phrase we're all searching for right now to describe this is "seriously overcommitted".

Oh, yeah, I ordered some red and green fabric online too.

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