Tuesday, March 4, 2008

My home office

I included some pictures of my den furniture from the manufacturer's catalog a few days ago to illustrate a post, so thought I might show my actual home office. I love this room (well, maybe I don't love the paneling, but I don't hate it enough to try to take it down!).
The desk is great. I finally have a place to organize all bill paying, reference books, stationery, laptop and everything office. It has worked out so well I wonder why I didn't do this earlier.
The bookcase is both gorgeous and roomy. The drawer is a wonderful addition. Also, it has lights inside that turn on with a tap of the top right door hinge. How cool is that!
Finally, finally I have a large enough file cabinet to store all my home stuff and receipts and important papers. It doesn't hurt that it doesn't look like a file cabinet. And it gives me a spot for a picture of Queen-Of-All-She-Surveys and a calico cat pen holder next to the note pad.
There is also a fireplace with a built-in bookcase, my piano and my reading chair.
The room's finishes are unchanged from when we bought the home- brick, paneling, carpet - and while it's a little eccentric in layout to be a family room, it works as an office. This room is long and skinny with a door to the center hallway at one end and a door to the kitchen at the other. On one of the long walls is a sliding glass door and a large brick fireplace, so that wall isn't open for furniture and it is hard to organize a seating group so that you can actually sit and see the fireplace. For years we used it as the world's widest hallway. We just walked through it and no one ever sat down. When we decided to buy home office furniture, I never imagined that it would be used so much. I live in here.

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Anonymous said...

I love it! It looks so comfortable. Especially that chair int he corner by the window. I could sit there forever!