Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Keepsake Quilting bugs me

You know why Keepsake Quilting bugs me? I love their catalogs - they're a great quilter's wish book - but they don't list the designer and manufacturer of the fabric lines, and may even change the name of the fabric groups in their "medley" collections.

That's just tacky. Give the designers their due. And identify the fabric line by using its' real name, not the one Keepsake makes up.

I want to know who makes the fabric. I prefer some manufacturers' products over others. The weave is tighter, the hand is better, it sews and launders better. You know that even among premium quilters' cottons there are differences. One of the reasons I buy Moda's collections again and again, for example, apart from the beauty of the designers' creations, is that their fabrics are dependable quality and a dream to work with.

Case in point: I was looking through the latest catalog and came upon something they called "Tranquil Garden". Blues and greens and tans - very, very pretty. But they only showed six swatches of fabric and I just knew that the collection contained more than that. I wanted to see all of them. But what was it really called, and who made it? No way to know.

It happened that as I was fab shop hopping today I came across the same goods at Quilt Expressions (btw, kudos to their site - good selection). It's actually "Serenity" and it's by Heather Mulder Peterson for Henry Glass Fabrics.

It's beautiful fabric and I just might buy some. But not from Keepsake Quilting.

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The Calico Cat said...

DITTO - it took me so long to figure out what was bugging me - this is it! (They do that with pattern names too.)

One "good" thing about them... If you are into BOM's theirs are very well organized. (Or so I heard from some quilt experts at my guild who have done a lot of different BOMs.)