Sunday, March 30, 2008

Hearts A Flutter BOM

Oh, aren't I talkative today! Can't help it, I have to show and tell these before I go. I asked JulieK how her Hearts A Flutter BOM was going, and wanted to show mine.

Here's a set in 30's fabrics:

And, here's a set in Civil War Reproduction prints:

Yeah, you didn't know you were talking to crazy woman, did ya? I started the first set using stash fabrics to match my guest room, but I just wasn't happy with how they looked. The arrow shafts are too thick in the February block and the fabrics weren't working for me. I'm going to make another February block before I'm done to replace it. When I found a fat quarter set of the bottom fabrics, I thought I'd try the pattern in another colorway, and give it as a gift when completed. I like the second set much more, but it doesn't match my house. It does, however, match several relatives' living rooms. Wonder who will get the wall hanging?

And BTW, I have to credit Tanya's blog for inspiring me to practice hand quilting. Remember the Thimbleberries Lazy Crazy Quilt lap quilt I made? I'm going to hand quilt it - have already started, in fact. Nothing elaborate, just in the ditch around the blocks, and outlining the printed faux-applique designs. Probably also draw a stencil of one of the small leaf applique designs and put that in the plain blocks. Don't expect to see it done anytime soon, OK?


Jacquie said...

My you have been busy. I actually like both of these. Those 30's fabrics are so appealing to me. Hand quilting takes me a long time too, but I do enjoy it.

Rose said...

I like both sets, too, and if you hadn't said anything about the shafts being too thick I would not have noticed. But once you said it, I immediately agreed. But I still think I like that colorway best and that is unusual for me.

Katie said...

I LOVE these! They are so cute! :)

The Calico Quilter said...

I uploaded the photos again and made them clickable so the details show up better. The Civil War fabrics are more muted colors and were muddy looking in the other picture. If you enlarge it you can see the beautiful details. And, enlarged, that February block in 30's fabric is bugging me even more. Have to redo it!