Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I've been tagged!

I've been tagged by Joan of My Quilt Life blog.


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Seven weird or random facts about me:

1. I'm impatient to the point of mania. Even waiting for small things drives me to distraction. Example: while waiting for my houseguest to arrive Monday (I didn't know the exact time he would be here) I was actually pacing the floor. If something is going to happen, I want it NOW!

2. I only have one work speed - high gear. It was very useful before I retired, where I got a sort of miracle-worker reputation for production, but it was only because I am incapable of dawdling.

3. I retired a little early last July, and even though I worked there 30 years, I don't miss it at all. Oh, I was fond of some of the people, but not the friendships-outside-work-too like my husband had. You see, I worked in a profession that was 95% men, and these men absolutely didn't make friends with women coworkers, because either they didn't know how or thought their wives would kill them! At least the age group men I worked with. So I wasn't leaving behind social ties that were critical to me. I think that's why retired men have it so hard.

4. I am probably the only Luddite with an engineering degree in existance. I unabashedly hate a lot of the current technology. IPod? Don't have one. My cell phone (which is turned off 90% of the time and only on when I'm away from home by myself) doesn't take pictures, surf the net, play games or act as a GPS. It's a PHONE. Period. I don't do online gaming. My blog is the first and only time I have ever used a computer for amusement. Computers are just tools to me, most of the time.

5. Speaking of phones, I would much rather talk to someone face to face than on the telephone. At work, I would get up and walk down the hall to some else's desk to discuss an issue. If you're talking to a disembodied voice, you're losing half the communication cues from their body language. How inefficient it that?

6. I hate to shop in stores. All that trudging around and looking, looking, looking - just torture. Even fabric stores. It's overwhelming. Much better to go online and search for a particular thing. Internet shopping is a godsend. I bought every Christmas present this year (and for the last four or five) online.

7. I'm not a "joiner" or "group leader" person, but paradoxically, I like to be in control of whatever I'm involved in. So, I have coined the term "pushy follower" to describe myself. I won't be the one at the podium, but the assistant stage-managing from the curtains!

Well, that's me, warts and all.

Now who can I tag? I'm new to this blog thing and don't have hundreds of blogs to choose from. If you've already been tagged, feel free to pass it up.
Linda J., Taniwa, Elaine Adair, Paula, Katie - OK, I'm out of names!


Joan said...

Thanks so much for doing this. It was fascinating reading! Hope you've found yourself a bit of sewing time by now!

Tanya said...

That was very interesting! I too am not much in the computer/cell phone/ipod department (well, no ipod). And I dislike phones (can't see the person? Can't understand their Japanese) and shopping (everything is too expensive and I start to feel pitiful). I think I did the seven unusual things a few months back. I really was afraid I'd lose blog readers because they'd find out I was so wierd! If you're interested here it is.