Friday, February 8, 2008

How I display quilts for photography

I finally had a brain burst and figured out how best to photograph small quilts. Push-pinning them into the door facing was not working, and trying to lean over them on the floor to get a decent picture wasn't either. So, while staring at the closet door, I realized that there was enough room on the facing in front of the bi-fold doors for a small tension rod. I hied myself to the local Walmart and got this rod and a package of clip curtain rings. Voila! (OK, you're all probably already doing this, but it took me a minute to get it!) The only problem is that it can't be a permanent installation since the doors don't open with it in place, but it's quick to put up and take down.

I was contemplating mounting a long curtain rod with clip rings above the two closet doors in that room, so I could hang larger quilts and tops to photograph and study while in process, but my husband looked at me like I was crazy. I know, it would look stupid while not in use, but it would be a permanent thing, and this method won't handle quilts wider than maybe 60" (the doors are 48" wide).

Also, check out the backing on the new Linus quilt: Hoot owls! Isn't it cool?

This was my fifth Project Linus quilt. I delivered the stack to the local coordinator yesterday afternoon. I also asked for a stack of labels so I could sew them in myself and save her some work. (She's not getting a lot of help; this chapter is small.) I already have the next quilt in process. OCD to the max! At least it's for a good cause.

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