Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Charm pack dandruff!

Well, I didn't expect to get punished for succumbing to the allures of Mode Charm Packs and Jelly Rolls in quite this way. I bought a Jelly Roll and Charm Pack of Moda's "At Water's Edge" yesterday because I loved the fabrics and wanted an instant gratification project. I wanted to do a log cabin variation and the idea of not having to cut all those strips was too much to resist. I knew that there was a price penalty because I let Mode do the cutting, but sometimes, you just want to spoil yourself.

As I unpacked and unrolled both of them today on my desk after planning the layout, all the fuzzies and threads from the tiny zigzag cut edges of the charms and strips started shedding, and before long it looked like my cherry desk had dandruff!

And, they weren't easy to clean up, either. The particles were so small that I only pushed them around as I tried to wipe them up with a kleenex. They were static charged and stuck to everything - the desk mat, the clock, the lamp. Finally I had to get my microfiber dust cloth and douse it liberally with Endust before I could banish all the little specks. But the stuff is still all over the carpet around my desk. What a mess!

This is karmic payback, I know it is. Be warned. You might want to unroll these jelly roll packs outside and shake them before you give your sewing room a case of fabric dandruff.


Joan J said...

Here's a helpful hint - buy a lint roller -- it's a great tool in the sewing area for picking up loose threads on desk, rug and on you! Makes for a quick cleanup when you don't want to get the vac out and scare poor kitty half to death!

The Calico Quilter said...

I wish that I'd had a lint roller to do it - currently out of sticky sheets on mine. Anyway, I'm not sure how I would have rollered the desk lamp - honestly, the snippets were even stuck to the desk lamp!