Monday, January 21, 2008

Who uses my quilts the most?

I admit that I put the quilt there because in the afternoon there's a nice sunny patch on the table by this south-facing window, and I knew that Queen-of-all-she-surveys would like it.

I'm such a pushover.

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Linda C said...

Molly is such a pretty girl. How can you refuse her? Every quilt needs a stamp of kitty approval, I think. Your top card trick top turned out well--fun pattern, isn't it? I like the Marti Michell quick version you set on point too as it has a lot less pieces. Maybe that is what you used on yours?

Pippi has not been able to get on any lately as all the pinned tops are in the closet and a few atop the armoire. (Not ready to go on the quilting blitz till I get a commissioned piece done.) though I do keep her wool coverlet on the sewing-pressing table for her at night. I'm getting her one of those thermo reflecting pads that should help those stiff old bones but it is not here yet. And, she would need to get off DJ's desk chair. Warm laundry worked yesterday.