Monday, January 21, 2008

Once burned, VEEEERRRRY shy

Well, the burn on my palm has progressed from a big painful blister to a tight sore scaly patch. The other blisters have deflated but are still sore too. I know that soon the old skin will slough off and it will be finally healed but I'm impatient. It's getting in the way. I forgot and picked up my husband's computer, and the weight on that area really smarted. It's just too irritating to have a hand out of commission.

And, boy, have I been careful in the kitchen! The last three meals I cooked, I was so paranoid. I just have to find a happy medium. A person can't be this leery around hot stuff. Even the steam iron is making me nervous. I was pressing blocks and when the heat from the steam around the edge of the iron came near my fingertips I jerked my hand back.

At least I've finished taking the Keflex the doctor prescribed. It kills my stomach. I've had indigestion for 7 days.

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