Friday, May 10, 2013

Only the best for the bears

I have a few teddy bears around the house.  The one my brother gave me on my first Christmas, a bear dressed as an aviator that my husband gave me for my birthday after I fell in love with it, the little bean bag teddy bear that traveled with me when I went to business functions out of town, the one that rode in my car with me for 10 years (unfortunately, there's no good place for him to sit in my new car).

I'm not really a bear collector, but if I see one that tickles my fancy or a cute accessory for the vignettes I'll get it if it's cheap.

They sit around the house:

 On the hearth:
 On my filing cabinet:
 In the corner of the dining room (his chair matches the decor):
 On top of my sewing room bookcase:
 Beside the magazine stand:
 Inside the bookcase by my old textbooks:
My current project is for this guy:
 The bed came with a red checked mattress and pillow.  Well, you know he needs a quilt, and if he needs a quilt, why not sheets?
And yes, that bottom sheet is fitted.  With elastic corners.

I'm making a "Trip Around the World" quilt for him right now.  And then, he'll get a nightshirt to match.  Excess, that's my name!

And here is the bear quilt:
No batting because it's already stiff, but quilted in the ditch and lined to the edge (no binding):
Even bears need a quilt!


momtofatdogs said...

I have a horrid bear addiction. When the clutter got too much, I gave away literally 100's....I still have my fav's in my studio in the basement. I'll send a picture to you!


pcflamingo said...

I'm that way with flamingos. I have them all over my cubicle at work. Stuffed ones, paper pieced ones, pictures of them. I'm retiring July 1st and I don't know what I'm going to do with the blasted things.