Monday, April 1, 2013

Can't leave well enough alone

I've been monkeying around with border ideas for another Kim Brackett quilt, which is currently being completed.  Here are the EQ mock ups to illustrate;  I'll post a photo later.

This is the design:
Really nice but it needed to be MUCH bigger.  I added another vertical row and debated making it a 5 x 5 instead of a 4 x 4 design, but I was running out of the batiks I was using in the blocks.  I had plenty of the border fabric however so I brainstormed how to bring it into the quilt.  This is what I came up with:
I like how the outer points match the wide border and look like it is poking through the maroon inner border.  It also makes the quilt king size.  I love it!

Here is the quilt as it stands (before the rest of the blocks with the border fabric were made, and also before I changed my border fabric selection):


Angie said...

I love this quilt---the colors are gorgeous---what is the pattern?

Jo C. said...

You do such amazing things to a pattern! Always an extra it!

Anonymous said...

You work fast! Looks those colors too.

Tanya said...

Fantastic quilt! Your border pattern is wonderful.