Wednesday, January 30, 2013

There must be something in the water

I am impatiently awaiting my new issue of Quiltmaker magazine which contains the start of Bonnie Hunter's new mystery, Lazy Sunday.  The colors are pinks, purples, greens, blues/teals and neutrals.  At the same time, I just looked at the fabric requirements for Linda Hahn's new mystery at the American Quilter's Society website  The colors are - wait, pink, purple, green and blue/teal?


What are the odds that the two mysteries that I want to do have the very same colors?  Admittedly, Linda Hahn's is going to be made of batiks, but still.   .   .

This is frustrating.

I have never made a pattern by Linda Hahn and thought I should use her colors for safety's sake.  I would be guaranteed that the contrast and coordination between the colors would work, after all.  At the same time I wanted to use Bonnie Hunter's colors because I had a lot of green, purple and teal left over from her free mystery Easy Street and liked the bright springiness of them. My husband prefers a lot of color in quilts and would appreciate it too.  Of course, I am using black as the neutral on Lazy Sunday instead of lights, which will, I think, change up the look, and Linda Hahn doesn't specify a neutral, so there will be differences.

I wonder what is going on in the color zeitgeist that made both choose the same color palette.  No red, no rust, no yellow, no gold, no brown, no tan.  I think everyone is looking forward to spring.  But, by the time these mysteries are completed it will be fall!

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The Calico Cat said...

You couild always do the online mystery as a mystery & just hold the magazine mystery until later & make your choices then... (It would admittedly be a not so mysterious mystery, but it could be autumnal insteady of springy.)