Thursday, January 24, 2013

The crazy cat people's house

I'm sure that's how we would be known if people saw all these cat accouterments.  We were fairly tame about the cat paraphernalia when we just had Molly, but after we added Tuxedo it sort of mushroomed.

First, we bought Molly a cube:
 She loved it until, well, she didn't.  One day it was good, and the next it was terrible.  Such is the judgment of cats.

She was getting older and felt the cold more, so we bought her a heated window perch:
Her perch is still her most valued possession and she spends a great part of the day on it, looking over my husband's shoulder as he works at his desk.  He is her favorite person and she loves to be close to him.  The proximity makes it easier to mooch, too.

When we adopted Tuxedo, I installed a perch in the garage window so he could watch the birds and squirrels:
Although mostly he uses it to sleep.  This perch became more important after I bought the Honda in August; prior to that he slept on top of my Subaru.  The roof of the Honda is not as conducive to sleeping, evidently.

When it got cold he also got a heated perch:
It's on the inside wall of the garage and up high where it's warmer.  I worry about him sleeping in the garage and try to make it as comfortable as possible.

Now, he also has a perch in my sewing room:

This way, when he's inside he can stay close to me, which is important in his world view.  Tuxie is sort of a one-person cat.  He has never sat in my husband's lap and tries to stay in the same room as I am.  If I sit down he invites himself into my lap, which is inconvenient when I'm sewing on the machine.  In fact, if he wants a lap sit while I'm at the machine, he jumps up on the sewing table and starts whacking and nipping at me until I scoot back and welcome him for a cuddle.  He doesn't have to sit there long;  it's kind of a checking-in maneuver, a little comforting for him.  Afterward, he wanders off to find a sunny spot to sleep.

There are also two scratching posts, one in the den and one in the living room, and a flurry of cat toys scattered about.

We've got the kitty cat fever really bad.  It only takes a minute or two in our house to tell.


The Calico Cat said...

Rhapsody used to love her kitty pie - I haven't seen her in it in months - maybe it needs a good run through the washing machine.

Jo said...

I love them! We have a big white cat who adopted us, but she refuses to come in the house. We've tried but she's just not having it. 3 months ago a teeny tuxedo wandered up, less than 6 weeks old. He spends each nite in the house but he loves to play outside during the day. Right now he's running around the house like a madman. We love our babies.

momtofatdogs said...

It's my opinion that people that don't like animals have never had the love of one. Even if I am having a bad day, a horrible week or rotten month. My dog still loves me, still wants to please me & tolerates my bad mood (whenever it arises) better than ANYONE I know.

It's ok to be the crazy cat person. You are pretty tame!!


Me and My Stitches said...

Pets are the best. My cats rule the house, too. Love the heated perches, I might have to add a couple of those!

Tanya said...

You and me both! I've got cat paraphenalia (sp?) in every room in the house. I spend an awful lot of time trying to make the cats happy... And money for all the heated sitting places! Our electricity bill is soaring!!!