Saturday, January 19, 2013

OK, this setting is cool but it takes FOREVER. . .

.   .   .and my patience is fraying.  But I shall persevere because they are going to be beautiful.

First, the Brackman Civil War blocks in the X setting:
which is going to look like this when it's done:
I've got three more rows of the X blocks and all the border blocks to complete.  I love it but it's killing me.  Wait......... it occurs to me that I could scallop the edges instead of using those solid rectangles in between the green squares.   .   .think, think think - nope.  I don't voluntarily bind scalloped edges for anyone, especially myself!

The other Civil War sampler from the books I talked about before is progressing but I ran out of navy fabric and had to hunt the internet for it, finally finding a bit at a Montana quilt shop (thank you, online shopping).  I have 13 setting blocks I can finish when the fabric arrives next week.  By that time hopefully I'll have the above quilt pieced.  The blue one will look like
Both are a lot of work but worth it in the end.

And after all this I have 18 blocks left over than will go on the back of the first quilt and 12 patriotic blocks to make into their own quilt.

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