Monday, January 7, 2013

After all that.....

I'm using my aquas for a patchy border.  Yep, I chickened. At this point I'm valuing "done" over "intricate".
 In person, it looks more like this:
which I think will be very pretty.  it's lighter than Bonnie's turquoise print, and using various aquas gives it more interest than a single fabric.

The big print arrived today:
It's going on the backing and will be cheery and fun.  HOWEVER - for the border it just will not do!  See:
It grabs the quilt, yells "See ya!" and runs away with it.  Just tooooo loud.  My fabric colors are too pale for this print.

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Linda said...

Love the turquoise. It really adds doesn't it. I don't think you've taken the easy way out, either! What a great quilt. Now you just have to quilt it!!!
Lurking Linda