Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thread Head quiltalong progress report

After I made the half blocks on Tuesday I cut out the rest of the setting triangles and borders for the Thread Head quiltalong quilt.  I especially love the blue background fabric, but I am very pleased with how it's all coming out.  This thing's a bias nightmare, though, with all the edges of those triangles, so progress is slow.

I was also slowed down by the fact that I cut the setting trianges the wrong size and then had to trim every one of them.  I don't know what I was thinking but I cut them for a 10" block, not a 7" block.  DUH!  I mixed up two projects in my head I guess.  So, instead of having plenty of fabric for the job I barely had enough, which is good because this is from several years ago and I probably wouldn't be able to find more.  I'm trying to scrounge up enough of the "Prairie Home" gold to make the binding;  I had enough to cut about half of it after cutting out the inner border, and had a few more fat quarters left, so I'm hoping it will be enough.

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Jo said...

Wow, the colors are stunning! Love it!