Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Wizard Cat

First, some background:  My husband wears a gold crucifix on a 30" chain.  He's worn it for some time, under his clothing, and he never takes it off.  Since he sleeps in it, it probably gets tangled up as he turns over in bed and that puts stress on the chain, which has broken twice in the past from wear against the bail attached to the crucifix.

Two days ago, he woke up and found the crucifix without its chain lying on the bottom sheet in bed next to his shoulder.  I had gotten up much earlier but since I don't turn on the bedroom light I didn't see anything in the bed.  We thought that the chain had broken during the night and the pendant had slipped off.  He searched through the covers before he got up but didn't see it.  After breakfast he told me about it and I completely stripped the bed looking for the chain, without success.  I moved the nightstands, pulled the storage boxes out from under the bed and searched around and under the furniture in the bedroom.  (I thought that while I was at it I could sweep under and behind the bed so I did that too and checked the dust cup on the sweeper.)  No sign of the chain, and it's a 30" long gold rolo chain so it's hard to overlook.

Since I couldn't find it in the bedroom, I broadened my search to the laundry bin, the bathroom, his chair in the living room and finally all over the house.  No chain.  I groaned because while it only cost $70 when I bought it years ago (the chain was a Christmas gift) it was more like $500 dollars now with the inflated price of gold.  Well, we wouldn't be replacing it any time soon.

Yesterday, while playing with our cat Molly after her dinner my husband asked her to look for his chain.  Molly has a history of finding things - a locking earring back for me, a set of coax wire strippers for a friend, other things.  After our dinner as we sat in the living room watching TV, Molly came in from the dining room, purposefully looking under chairs and poking her paw around the seat cushions.  She went behind them and climbed on the backs, searching everywhere.  After that she went down the hall toward the bedrooms.  After I went to bed he said she did the same search of the couch in his computer room.

Yesterday morning I got up early, fed Molly and left the bedroom - my husband was still asleep.  Later I peeked in and Molly was asleep next to him in her usual fashion.  When my husband woke up he found the broken chain on the bed next to his shoulder, where the crucifix had been the day before.

We can only surmise that Molly found the chain and brought it to him - and probably the crucifix the day before, also.

My wizard cat.  I can only guess how much of what we say she understands.


Paula, the quilter said...

You have a special girl there.

Jo C. said...

What a wonderful story!

Tanya said...

Wow! I hope you gave Molly some extra treats! I haven't found any talents in any of my cats....