Thursday, September 20, 2012

One down, one to go on the new car

In case anyone is keeping track, I just got the registration for my new car, so I could put the transferred license plate on it.  No title yet - the lady at the clerk's office says they're done by another group and has no other info.  I did find out that the court clerk's office turned around the registration change in 24 hours including mailing it to me, so it must have come in Tuesday morning and gone out in the mail that afternoon.  I got it the next day.  They're pretty efficient - don't you wish everyone was?

My next big thing is repairs to the house:  build new shallow steps for the front door for my husband for accessibility, repair the sheetrock wall behind the washer where there was a plumbing problem, replace a broken turbine vent on the roof, paint the inside of the garage, lay new vinyl flooring in the master bath.  And yes, I'm hiring these done.  I got estimates for the flooring today.

 Let's see:  if I want the steps to look like anything I have to hire the carpentry; oh, I could build a strong set of steps but they would be ugly as sin.  I could repair the sheetrock but insanely it's an access problem: I can't move the washer and dryer by myself in that narrow laundry area and can't get them out of the room and down the steps to the garage.  No way I'm going up on the roof to fix that vent - maybe when I was 30 (I did stuff like that then) but not when I'm 60.  And, I could paint the garage but am stubbornly refusing to consider it;  I've slapped enough paint on our four homes through the years (not counting Mom and Dad's house) to cover the world and I've had it with painting.  Finally I have laid vinyl flooring before but that's another of those "I'm 60 years old darn it" situations.  So a bunch of businesses are going to make money off me.

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