Thursday, August 30, 2012

Why you should never buy a beige refrigerator

The old adage about trouble coming in threes has been validated again - at least in my life.  First, my laptop went to that big electronics store in the sky while trying to do Windows Vista updates ( I blame Vista, but I would attribute global warming, fire ants and sunburn to that dratted operating system if I could - in my opinion, Vista was EVIL).  I bought a new laptop and my husband spent days setting the thing up and then I spent even more time transferring files and arranging the new computer how I wanted it.

Then I got the bad, expensive news about my car and traded it, which was even more expensive news.

Now, my refrigerator has died.

Please, may I just go to my room and be quiet?  I'm tired of fixing problems.

Here's where the beige thing comes in.  When we renovated the kitchen about seven years ago, the refrigerator was the only thing worth keeping because it was running fine.  The old avocado range and dishwasher were hauled away.  When it came time to buy new appliances, we discussed colors and decided that since the stainless ones were so much more expensive than other colors for no obvious good reason, and since we had a perfectly good refrigerator, we would buy bisque, formerly called almond, generally identified as beige.  The color looked nice with the oak cabinets and the flooring we picked out.  I tied everything together with cabinet pulls with bisque ceramic inserts and the kitchen looked lovely.

Now the refrigerator has died and I find that no one - NO ONE - carries a bisque model in stock.  And almost none are made.  I now know how Mom felt when she tried to buy a coppertone range twenty years ago.  It ain't gonna happen, at least not easily.

Oh, they can get them from the manufacturer, but you are going to have to wait.  As in three weeks.  That's right, the stores are full of refrigerators but none of them are beige and from the looks of things they're made in Slovakia or somewhere, or why in heaven's name would it take that long to get one?  So now I plunked down my money at Lowe's and somewhere around September 19th I will finally get a frig.

We're living out of a Coleman cooler and the lady at the convenience store down the street is going to see a lot of me in the next few weeks buying ice.

Lesson learned - follow the herd.  If everyone is buying stainless, follow suit.  But how long before stainless is passe and no one can find anything to match their currently trendy kitchens?


Jo said...

Years ago i read an Erma Bombeck column. She said if you get big tax refund, NEVER talk about it in front of your major appliances. They will break for sure if they know you have money!

Paula, the quilter said...

When it came time to replace the stove, I thought about stainless but then vetoed the idea. Why? Fingerprints. I have a coffeemaker with stainless sides and I forgot to wipe the fingerprints off and now there are designs etched into the steel. Bummer. BTW, I bought a white stove and hubby insisted we get one of those ceramic tops. I HATE IT! When it dies we are going to the expense of installing a gas stove/oven.

The Calico Cat said...

When we first moved in, we had a franken kitchen - it is now all stainless. (Coincidentaly, the over the stove microwave was stainless & it was the only thing worth keeping.)