Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Scrappy, or just a big mess?

It's Orca Bay without the strings.  I wanted a green and red quilt to begin with, and I loved the Bowood House collection by Robyn Pandolph, but I think the pattern is not a good fit with the fabrics because the prints are rather large.  With these small pieces, the scale of the print is crucial.  A supposed-to-be-green triangle, for example, might end up being cut out of a section of the print with very little green, so it doesn't look green enough to carry the design across the block.  

Maybe more of it will look better;  perhaps that small segment doesn't have a very good distribution of all the fabrics used.  Here's a look at four rows, not so close up:

I just have to keep going and reevaluate at a later date.  I've put in too much effort to stop now, I've made all the star blocks and I'm halfway through the pieced sashing blocks. 

But I'm going to be very upset if this looks terrible - it's been a lot of work.  

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Saska said...

I think if your red triangles were all red...no white with them...they would stand out more. I do like it, but I can see your problem. I made my OrcaBay with the same colors at Bonnie's..it's -------> over there waiting to be quilted.

Keep working on it...just see if more solid colors would make your stars stand out more.