Sunday, July 15, 2012

Diving in again. . .

.   .   .to another huge project.  Remember Orca Bay?  This is what I did this morning:

It's a 6" star block using Robyn Pandolph's Bowood House collection.  I just made one of them.  80 more and I will be - well, half way through piecing this quilt.  There's the pieced sashing and the pieced border too, you know.

When I made Orca Bay, I was hoping for a red and green quilt with a hint of gold.  Since it was a mystery, I had to just guess and select where to put the colors.  And I guessed wrong, because I have a gold and red quilt with a hint of green.  Not complaining because I have a beautiful quilt.  But when I saw the Bowood House fat quarter collection on sale, dreams of a red and green quilt resurfaced.  It's a gorgeous bunch of prints, stripes, solids and checks, which will make a lovely "coordinated scrappy" quilt. Of course, I'm also making it waaaay bigger than Bonnie Hunter's original = 94" square.

And - I hesitate to admit it - no string blocks.  I love ya, Bonnie, but I can't love the strings, and I don't love sewing the string blocks.  So solid patches where they were in the plan.  It will still be gorgeous.

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