Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sweet mystery of life....

.....or at least of quilting.  Is anyone doing the Animas Quilts mystery?  I waffled because I have done so many mystery quilts recently but at last caved in because I found a lovely green and white toile vine print at the local quilt shop, Chattanooga Quilts, that would be a good background fabric.  Since this pattern evidently has a lot of the background showing based on the amount of yardage specified, it figures that the background should be special. And this one is:
It's from the Contessa line from RJR and it's wonderful.  I'm substituting rust for the reds in the mystery quilt due to stash restrictions but otherwise following the color guidelines from Animas.

So I'm buzzing along making HSTS of toile/gold and toile/rust this morning, catching up on the January clue.  Only 234 to go!  

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