Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Playing with charm packs

One thing I found in the stash closet when I cleaned out recently were several pairs of charm packs.  I don't even remember when I bought them, they're that old.  One was "Origins" and the other was "Punctuation", if I remember correctly.  Neither is something that is exactly my style but they were fun to work with because of the variety.

I was working with a pattern in the book "Another Bite of Schnibbles".  I just love Carrie Nelson's small quilts!  I started making a small quilt named "Nash" and, don't you know, I messed it up.
Do you see what I did?  Look at the center blocks.  I was listening to the news on the radio and neglected to make sure that I cut the strippy blocks in half all the same way to made those triangles surrounding the pieced blocks.  I was crushed!  I put it together anyway and I guess it works somewhat, but I could kick myself.  I have the center assembled and I'll add the borders tomorrow.

So I wanted to make one correctly.  I cut out the same pattern in the second charm pack set, and had enough to make it rectangular instead of square.  This time I didn't mess it up.
Outer border will go on in the morning.  Notice that the center strippy blocks are right this time.  Sometimes you just have to smack your forehead and go "Stupid!"

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Denise said...

I am sure that the person you choose to share the quilt with will not mind......if they do let me know and I will send my address! I have the first Snibbles book and so far I have only made one quilt from it....one of these days I will make another!